Thursday, 8 December 2011

Review: Raising Demons by Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall #2)

Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Publication Date - 3rd March 2011
Paperback - 368 pages
Genre - Young Adult/Urban Fantasy

Source - Purchased

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it.

Book Info - Sophie Mercer's first term at Hex Hall turned out to be quite eventful. First the ghost of her evil grandmother haunted her every move, then her best friend was accused of murder and of course there was the discovery that Archer Cross, aka the boy of her dreams, was actually an undercover demon hunter - which would probably be something she could have worked on, if she hadn't also discovered that she was actually the demon Archer was hunting...

So, despite their issues, Sophie is actually relieved to be spending the summer in London with her father. But when your father is Head of The Council of Prodigium and your summer is being spent at the headquarters of everything magical, then a quiet holiday isn't really that likely. And, as Sophie struggles to come to terms with her new found demon powers, she finds herself thrust once again into a world of dark magic and conspiracies. The only thing that could possibly make things more complicated would be for Archer Cross to show up again, which of course he wouldn't... would he?

My Thoughts - After reading, and loving, Hex Hall I was really excited about reading Raising Demons. And once again I was not disappointed.

Sophie is quite possibly one of my favourite main characters from a series. She is such fun and I love her snarky sense of humour. The way the author writes Sophie makes her feel so real and every word that comes out of her mouth sounds like something a teenager would say. She has got a strong sense of right and wrong and she is not afraid to make tough choices to do what is right.

The growing relationship between Sophie and her dad is very heart-warming to read. Hex Hall gives a very one-sided view of demons (what with Alice going crazy and killing people and Sophie being completely disgusted at being a demon) so it was nice to get a different perspective on this type of Prodigium. Sophie's father is a demon who keeps a tight rein on the evil whilst being the head of the Council of the Prodigium. He is helping Sophie come to terms with the discovery that she is a demon and he is helping her to harness her power.

The storyline was completely engaging with more than a hint of humour, passion, mystery and danger. Once I picked up the book I was unable to put it down. Plus there is a huge cliffhanger at the end that ensures I will be rushing out to get book three as soon as it hits the shelves.

Summary - Hex Hall is one of my favourite ever YA series and I really recommend this to all other YA lovers. If you haven't read this series yet you are REALLY missing out!

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Shelagh said...

So glad you enjoyed Raising Demons as well Chrissie! This is also one of my favourite series - the humour, the story and the characters just make it work so well.

The Word Fiend

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Wow! Killer review! I have this one in my TBR pile. I've been putting it off for awhile though because I heard about the killer cliffhanger. Will be getting to it a little closer to the third one's release! Gotta save some shred of my sanity since other books drive me crazy with cliffhangers!! ;)

TheReadingPenguin said...

Great review! I have to say, healthy or at least interesting parent/child relationships are something I'd really like to see more of in YA. Especially if the author can weave it into the plot smoothly.

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Shelagh - It does all work very well and I can't wait until book three :)

Jessica - Yeah, the cliffhanger is a bit of a killer! Would definitely help your sanity to hold off on this one a little bit longer ;)

The Reading Penguin - It was a great part of the storyline. Things are obviously a bit rocky between them to start off with but they manage to work through the problems :)

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