Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Review: Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy (Out of Uniform #1)

Publisher - Samhain Publishing
Publication Date - 17th June 2008
Genre - Erotic Romance

Source - Purchased

Rating - 3.5 out of 5: I liked it

Book Info - Shelby Harper has lusted over Navy SEAL John Garrett for over a year, but no matter how many sexy signals she sends out, the man shows a complete lack of interest in getting naked. Then she overhears Garrett talking to his SEAL teammate - a discussion in which they conclude she's vanilla. Stung, Shelby sets out to show them exactly how un-vanilla she is.

Garrett can't believe it when sweet, sexy Shelby suggests a wild and sweaty menage. He's been trying to figure out how to ask her out without coming off as a guy who only wants to get in her pants - her friendship is too valuable to him to risk it. But if a crazy, heat-wave three-way is what Shelby wants, then he's ready and willing to give it to her.

Once she gets it out of her system, however...well, then he'll let her know he wants her all to himself.

Warning: This title contains two dangerously hot Navy SEALS and a heroine determined to get it on with both of them. Be prepared to take a cold shower (or maybe two) after reading this heat-wave menage.

My Thoughts - So I've been hearing a lot of very good things about Elle Kennedy's Out of Uniform series recently, due to the recent release of book seven, Feeling Hot.  I decided that after seeing so many good reviews for Feeling Hot I just had to give the series a try for myself.

I enjoyed this short story a lot, although it was very short and was therefore lacking some background for the hero and heroine. I loved the fact that Garrett and Shelby have been lusting after each other for a year, each without realising the other person felt the same. However, I would have liked to have seen this in play a little bit more to really get a better picture of the dynamics between the two main characters. But I can understand why that is so difficult to achieve in so few pages.

The action between Shelby, Garrett and his best friend Carson kicks off pretty quickly and it was hot. I have to admit to accidentally reading book two in the series first, which is Carson's book, so I was already a little bit in love with him when I started reading Heat of the Moment. But, although the threesome makes for some steamy reading, I couldn't help but feel it was added just for that reason and had no real purpose in furthering the relationship between Shelby and Garrett. I think I would have liked the story to be a bit longer so that more focus could have been placed on them as a couple once Carson had left.

Summary - Overall, Heat of the Moment is a quick fun read that will leave you feeling hot under the collar. However, due to the short length of the story, it does feel a little bit light on the details. But I enjoyed it and will most definitely be continuing with the series.

Other books in the series:
1. Heat of the Moment
2. Heat of Passion
3. Heat of the Storm
4. Heat it Up
5. Heat of the Night
6. The Heat is On
7. Feeling Hot
8. Getting Hotter (released November)


Jenny said...

The cover of this one seems weird to me. I don't know if it's the positioning or what but I spent far too long looking at it. ;)

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Hmm, I'm not sure if I see what you mean. It doesn't look weird to me *scratching head in confusion*

Oh well, at least the cover caught your eye and will probably be one you remember from now on. That's always good right? ;)

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