Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Review: Just One Night by Eve Gaddy (Rebels With A Cause #1)

Publisher - Bell Bridge Books
Publication Date - 29th August 2012
Genre - Romantic Suspense

Source - Received from publisher for review via NetGalley

Rating - 3.5 out of 5: I liked it

Book Info - They spent one passionate night together, a night neither could forget . . .

But it isn’t until Bomb Unit Detective Alexandra “Alex” Sheridan is assigned to investigate architect Luke Morgan about the bombing of his new building that Alex is forced to face the man–and feelings–she’d run from earlier. Drawn to the charismatic man who'd soothed her grief with their shared passion, she finds herself wanting more from him.

As the case progresses, however, she questions his innocence and his feelings for her. Can she trust him, ignoring his past and the evidence pointing to his guilt? Or will she have to be satisfied with just one night?

My Thoughts - I really liked the sound of Just One Night when I found it on NetGalley, so I was thrilled when my request to review it was accepted. But, although it was an enjoyable romantic suspense, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I thought I was going to.

First of all, the good points. I enjoyed the mystery elements of the plot and found that there were some good twists in the storyline that I wasn't expecting. And the pacing of the book was good, with a good balance between romance and action that really helped to hold my interest.

I liked Alex a lot as a character. She is good at her job,strong, loyal and willing to put her neck (and her job) on the line for the man she has fallen in love with. But there is also a more vulnerable side to her that comes through when she talks about a partner of hers who died on the job, and she still feels a lot of guilt over her death.

However, where this book fell a little short for me was with the hero, Luke. He held so much potential - a strong, sexy ex-military man, the kind of man every woman swoons over. But he just seemed so inconsistent in his feelings towards both Alex and the investigation into the bombing of his building, that I had trouble liking him as much as I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, he's very charming and sexy at times. But at others I found him to be incredibly frustrating. He admits to himself that he is falling in love with Alex, and then in the next sentence admits he would seduce her to clear his name in the bombing, which I don't see as a very attractive trait in a man. Plus, he withholds a lot of information from Alex about his past - information that is very important to the investigation - and this made it obvious he really had trouble trusting Alex, even though she is doing everything she can to clear his name. Luckily, he does pull through in the end and do the right thing, so he's not all bad. I just wish I had been able to connect with him as a character much sooner in the story.

Summary - A strong romantic suspense plot, with a likeable heroine. The book was just let down in some places by an inconsistent hero. But this is definitely worth a read if you are a fan of the genre.


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