Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Review: Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead (Dark Swan #3)

Publisher - Bantam Books
Publication Date - 31st March 2011
Paperback - 384 pages
Genre - Urban Fantasy

Source - Purchased

Rating - 5 out of 5: It was amazing!

Book Info - Shaman-for-hire Eugenie Markham is the best at banishing entities trespassing in the mortal realm. But as the Thorn Land’s queen, she’s fast running out of ways to end the brutal war devastating her kingdom. Her only hope: the Iron Crown, a legendary object even the most powerful fear...

But who can she trust to help her? Fairy king Dorian has his own agenda. And Kiyo, her shape-shifter ex-boyfriend, has every reason to betray her. To control the Crown’s all-consuming powers, Eugenie must confront an unimaginable temptation – one which puts her soul and the fate of two worlds in mortal danger...

My Thoughts - Once again Richelle Mead has written an action-packed, attention-grabbing novel that I just could not put down. The descriptions of the worlds that Eugenie inhabits are so vivid that you can imagine yourself standing right next to her. And the pages are so full of action that I had to keep reading late into the night.

During the second half of the book there were many twists and turns that left me breathless. The storyline was engaging and I was dragged into Eugenie's world and I didn't want to leave there until the last page had been turned.

However, there was just one minor point that irritated me a bit about Iron Crowned. Eugenie's attitude to relationships and sex is pretty distracting and draws you away from the storyline. She is constantly going backwards and forwards between Kiyo and Dorian, even though both of them prove unworthy of her attention in this book. They both treat her badly yet she can't seem to stay away from them. The fact that Eugenie is so unwilling to be without a boyfriend is a complete contradiction to the strong front that she puts on to the world. I hope that in the next book Eugenie sees the error of her ways and kicks them both to the curb!

Summary - Iron Crowned is one of the best Urban Fantasy novels I have read and, after the huge cliffhanger at the end, I can't wait for the next book in the series.

Other books in the series:
1. Storm Born
2. Thorn Queen
3. Iron Crowned

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