Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Review: Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt (Brenna Blixen #1)

Publisher - Self-published by author
Publication Date - 6th September 2011
Genre - Young Adult/Comtemporary Romance

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it.

Reviewed by - Ally

Book Info - What happens when you fall in love with the perfect guy...twice... in one day?

Brenna Blixen spent her freshman year homeschooling in Denmark; now that she’s back in the States, she’s determined to make her sophomore year unforgettable. And by unforgettable, she imagined awesome classes, fun friendships, and maybe a little romance.

What she got was a whole lot of romance, and all at once.

The same day that dark, brooding Saxon Maclean charmed her with his killer good looks and whip-smart wit, Jake Kelly stole her breath away with his heart-wrenching smile and intelligent, thoughtful focus.

But Saxon is a proud player who makes it clear that he doesn’t know why he can’t get Brenna off of his mind and out of his system, and Jake’s sweet and humble attitude hides a secret past life that might be more darker and more complex than Brenna’s willing to handle.

Complicating the matter is the fact that Saxon and Jake were once best friends and are now arch-enemies... and the more Brenna finds out about their connection to each other, the more intrigued and worried she becomes.

Between keeping the peace with her lovingly over-protective parents, designing t-shirts for her high school’s rising punk band, keeping up her grades in both academic and technical high school, and running the track like a maniac, Brenna has enough to worry about with out juggling two guys who make her heart thud and drive her crazy all at once.

She has to make a choice. But how can she when giving her heart to one of them might mean breaking the other’s?

My Thoughts - This book is intense, a strong dynamic between three teens. One girl and two boys, Oh no not another love triangle! You cry, I said it too when I started reading it. But when I read it I was screaming yes! This book was crazy, I loved each and every character and when I found out there was a sequel, well oh boys is all I have to say. But anyway I’m jumping ahead of myself.

Double clutch, made me laugh, cry scream in frustration and cuss, I cussed a lot, a looooooooooooot. Brenna is beautiful (and she doesn’t know it, cliché I know) has two amazing guys who are crazy about her and just… (Would it be rude if I stopped reviewing here, this book is amazing)

Ok, this book had a lot of intense emotions; I think it really got down what it is like to be a teen, especially faced with a dilemma like this. She didn’t always make the right choice, hell some people might argue she got it wrong as soon as she came on the scene. But wow, this book is pure romance and real life relationships, there are no aliens or zombies just pure YA, for me this is too intense to be classified as chick lit (it made me cry a lot and NOT happy tears). I never thought a book like this could exist it was like a cross between Sarra Mannings French kiss and Megan Mcafferty’s sloppy first series (I loved both of them).

The story was addictive, no matter how many times I threw my kindle across my bed (not the floor because it’s too hard) I couldn’t put it down, it had me holding my breath and aching to know what happened next. Brenna is a real person, 3 what she eats, wears, hates, everything was told and although I didn’t agree with her, many, many ,many times, she is strong willed, sensible and caring - add in boy obsessed and I think I’ve just described every teenage girl on the planet (at some stage).

I cant deny this was a good book, I really want to because it made me so angry, I wanted to hate it and I did, I was so obsessed with what was happening that I got lost in the story and I think that is the mark of truly great writing, I didn’t hate the book (I loved that) I just didn’t like what happened. I felt a part of the story like it was happening to me and it took me almost a month after reading this monstrosity to realise how much I loved it.

Summary - An addictive read that makes you feel like a teenage again, breath in twice (you’ll need it) because double clutch is fast paced and crazy intense. Jake and Saxon are oh so delicious and Brenna is just theirs for the taking.

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Sarah@Catching Books said...

Great review!! I read this book awhile back and I enjoyed it as well :)

bubblishus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ally said...

Awww thank you
and I really enjoyed it Too

Shelagh said...

Wow. Great review Ally.

I miss this sort of intensity in some YA that I read. The hard choices often get glossed over or drowned in the angst and paranomal of many YA books. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.

Ally said...

Thank you Shelagh.
And you really should it was AMAZING

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