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Review: Kept by Jami Alden (Gemini Men #2)

Publisher - Kensington Books
Publication Date - 1st March 2009
Paperback - 369 pages
Genre -  Romantic Suspense

Source - Purchased

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it.

Reviewed by - Chrissie

Book Info - Ethan and Derek Taggart: they're the men of Gemini, and when it comes to sheet-scorching undercover work, nobody does it better. The only one they answer to is big brother Danny - that is, until the right women come along to grab the reins and crack the whip as hard as the Taggart men like it...

Security is Derek Taggart's game, and he plays it straight - no margin for error, no time to fool around... except with one hot little number who changes everything. He takes her home when she needs a ride - one she'll never forget. The problem is Derek can't forget her, a total about-face for a guy who keeps his enemies closer than his lovers. Then he finds out the sexy dynamo is Alyssa Miles, notorious party girl and darling of the gossip rags. It's time to walk away and never look back, which would be a hell of a lot easier if his agency didn't desperately need the high-profile gig her family's offering: a minor detail that consists mainly of Derek watching Alyssa 24/7. Keeping an eagle eye on every inch of Alyssa's nubile body isn't exactly a hardship - the problem is keeping his hands off and his brain on when things go dangerously wrong...

My Thoughts - After reading, and loving, the first book in the Gemini Men series I have become completely hooked on this series and I have fallen more than a little bit in love with the Taggart brothers. These books are very sexy - definitely the hottest romantic suspense books I have come across so far - and as soon as I pick one up it is very difficult for me to put it back down again.

Derek is an ex-military man who runs a security agengy with his twin brother Ethan and older brother Danny. He is a typical alpha male who feels the need to protect those around him but he doesn't like to get too close to anybody. He is very emotionally shut off and, although I did find him very sexy, this did make it a bit difficult for me to really get attached to him as a character. He has fallen for Alyssa but in an effort to keep her at arms length he is cruel to her at times. There is one particular scene that made for very uncomfortable reading, although I won't go into too many details as I don't want to give too much away.

I really liked Alyssa. She has had some troubles in the past - a stint in rehab for a drug problem, a horrible ex-boyfriend who put naked pictures of her on the internet - but she is trying her hardest to put that behind her a build a successful career for herself in her father's jewellery business. Even though everybody thinks of her as a famous-for-nothing, airhead celebrity, it soon becomes obvious that this isn't true and she is really trying to change her image. I think the thing I loved most about her is that even though she has been hurt a lot in the past, mainly by people wanting to cash in on her fame, she is still very trusting and willing to see the best in people. Although this is probably what has got her hurt in the past I loved the vulnerability this aspect of her personality brings out in her.

The mystery aspect of the storyline is fast-paced and kept me hooked on the edge of my seat. Although the reader finds out quite early on who is wanting to hurt Alyssa, the author manages to throw in a big twist at the end, and I loved the surprise of this turn of events.

Summary - Although I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first in the series (mainly because of some of the more unlikeable aspects of the hero's personality) I still loved it and once I started it I really couldn't put it down. I had to start reading book three straight away as I just could not wait to find out what else is in store for the Taggart brothers.

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