Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review: Desire's Edge by Eve Berlin (Pleasure Dome #2)

Publisher - Piatkus
Publication Date - 14th March 2013
Paperback - 320 pages
Genre - Erotic Romance

Source - Received from publisher for review

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it

Reviewed by - Chrissie

Book Info - Kara Crawford doesn't expect to find anyone who can fulfil her dark fantasies until she experiences one of the most incredible nights of her life with a man she's always admired from afar.

Dante De Matteo may be a master of control now, but his troubled past means he won't let anyone ever get too close...

My Thoughts - I read the first book in this series, Pleasure's Edge, a while ago and absolutely loved it. So I picked up this book with some very high expectations for it to live up to... and I'm pleased to say that it met them with no real trouble at all.

As I have now come to expect from this author, the chemistry between the two main characters was off the charts! This is made more believable by the fact that Kara and Dante have known each other since school so it isn't some kind of insta-lust situation. What heats up the pages even more is the fact that they work together so there is a whole "forbidden" element to their relationship too.

The plot line was fairly basic and, with it being a romance, the ending was pretty predictable. I didn't really feel as though the events from their past that were given as reasons for their fear of commitment really warranted the amount of drama that they were treated with. But this was just a minor peeve of mine about the book and didn't really spoil my enjoyment of it at all.

Summary - A very enjoyable second instalment to the Pleasure Dome series... one full of passion, amazing sex and a great pair of main characters. I can't wait to get started on the third book of the series - Temptation's Edge.

Other books in the series:
1. Pleasure's Edge
2. Desire's Edge
3. Temptation's Edge


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