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Review: The Angel by Tiffany Reisz (Original Sinners #2)

Publisher - Mills and Boon
Publication Date - 5th October 2012
Paperback - 416 pages
Genre - Erotic Romance

Source - Received from publisher for review

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it!

Reviewed by - Chrissie

Book Info - She wanted him...

Nora Sutherlin is hiding. On paper, she's following her master's orders - and her flesh is willing.

More deeply, more strongly than she'd wanted anyone.

But her mind is wandering to a man from her past, whose hold on her heart is less bruising, but whose absence is no less painful. Instead of letting him make love to her, she'd let him go.

This is the story of a summer that proves that love hurts.

My thoughts - I absolutely loved the first book in this series (you can read my review of The Siren here) so I couldn't wait to read this one. And, although I felt that this book took a little longer to get into than The Siren, the second half was amazing and I had a lot of trouble putting it down.

What I loved the most about the first book was the complex relationships between Nora and the men around her. Unsurprisingly, all the men who meet Nora end up falling in love with her. And Nora can't help loving them all back in her own way. She seems to have a love for everybody and everything and, even though she can end up hurting the people around her, her joy is contagious and it's so easy to see why everybody feels the way that they do about her.

There is Soren, her master, who she has been in love with since she was just fifteen. They have had a rocky past and they finally reunite after a long separation at the end of The Siren. The Angel starts up again a year after their reunion and they are happy and strong together as a couple. They both know what the other needs without a word needing to be spoken and their bond is something that is very special. Then there is Wesley, who was Nora's live-in intern in The Siren, and he is the complete opposite of Soren in almost every way. He is sweet and funny and kind, and innocent... he is still a virgin. He loves Nora and Nora loves him. Where the love between Nora and Soren is dark and passionate, Wesley's love for her is pure and innocent. But my one reservation about Wesley is that because of his innocence, both when it comes to sex and life, he can't understand or accept Nora's need for pain and domination, which is a large part of the person that she is. To deny her that would be to change her completely, but he doesn't seem to understand that. Whereas Soren accepts her and loves her unconditionally. But, although I can't see things ending between Soren and Nora, I am very interested to know where this love triangle is heading... especially after the cliffhanger at the end of The Siren!

The reader gets to find out a lot more about Soren in this book as he is being investigated by a journalist and so much comes out about his past, which I found completely fascinating. It's no wonder he's such a complex character. And I felt that this new information added a whole new depth to him as, even though the reader doesn't get to spend much time with him during the events of The Siren, I found him to be rather one dimensional in the first book.

Also in this book, we get to read the story of a secondary couple... Michael and Griffin. Michael is a seventeen year old boy who the reader first meets in The Siren. He has had a troubled life up until now, including a suicide attempt where Soren found him and got him to a hospital therefore saving his life. He is a submissive and is incredibly shy. Soren sends Michael away for the summer with Nora so that she can train him as a submissive and they go to stay with a friend of Nora's called Griffin, who happens to be a dominant. It is pretty much a story of love at first sight for Griffin and Michael but nothing happens between them for a long time as Michael battles to come to terms with the fact that he is bi-sexual. But, for me, this romance was my favourite part of the novel. To see Michael blossoming under the care and adoration from Griffin was just beautiful. I can't put into words just how special the relationship is between these two and I am looking forward to reading more about them as the series progresses. I may have cried a happy tear or two over Griffin and Michael over the course of The Angel.

Summary - An amazing novel that, as well as focusing on the kink of BDSM, also takes a close look at a range of complex and often confusing relationships... between lovers, between friends, between family. I am absolutely loving this series and can't wait to read book three... which judging by the title is all about Wesley so I'm very excited to see what happens!

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