Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Review: Fall Into Him by Evelyn Harper (Fall Into Him #1)

Publisher - Self Published
Publication Date - 25th August 2013
Ebook - 84 pages
Genre - New Adult Romance

Source - Free download from Amazon

Rating - 2 out of 5: It was okay.

Reviewed by - Chrissie

Book Info - When Jennifer looks in the mirror, she can barely recognize herself. An abusive relationship transformed a woman with a promising future into a broken soul. For the past three years she has tried desperately to forget her pain, but her wounds still haunt her. She has learned to never give her heart away.

Now, as Jennifer struggles to piece her life back together, she meets one man who could change everything.

Philip Haas is a self-made man who always gets what he wants. He's the epitome of wealth, power, and sex. Despite his incredible wealth and seductive personality, his life has not been as easy as it appears.

When they share a night of passion, more questions than answers arise. Does Philip truly care for her, or is he just using her body?

Just when it seems like the answers are in sight, Philip's past resurfaces to threaten their relationship. Will he overcome his past for Jennifer or will it tear them apart?

My Thoughts - I admit, I downloaded this book because of the absolutely beautiful cover. The fact that it was also free at the time was a huge bonus, although I believe that offer has now ended on Amazon. But I am actually very glad that I didn't have to pay for it as it turned out to be rather disappointing.

Jennifer seems nice enough, but she lacks a lot of spine. I realise that some of this will be due to her previous abusive relationship, but I still found her quite frustrating as a character. The way she rolls over and does everything Philip asks is honestly quite frightening. He is literally a stranger to her, yet she does exactly as he asks with no questions. Also, the abusive ex boyfriend makes an appearance, shows her with his actions that he clearly hasn't changed one little bit, but during a conversation with her pleads that he is a changed man and she is instantly fantasising about a happy ever after with him. I think she just lacks common sense and any kind of instinct for self-preservation.

As for Philip, at first i found him confident, sexy, alluring. I could certainly understand how Jennifer could end up falling for his charms for a one-night stand. But unfortunately  he can be very cold and distant and my initial attraction to him as a character soon disappeared. This novella is all from Jennifer's point of view so the reader doesn't really get to learn anything about Philip, as he never actually reveals anything about himself to Jennifer. Don't get me wrong, i find a little bit of mystery as intriguing as the next girl, but there's a big difference between a little bit of mystery and knowing absolutely nothing about the other person. It meant that I didn't really get to like him and he felt very one-dimensional.

The plot works well and kept my interest, but there was one major downfall... the very abrupt ending. There was no kind of conclusion, no sense of an ending. It just stopped. I realise that this is the first in a trilogy but it should still be treated as a novella in it's own right with a beginning, a middle and an end. I have read two self-published novellas in a row now after not having read any self-published work for a few years and I had the same problem with the previous one. Is this a new trend in the self-publishing world? If so, I'm not sure it's one that I like at all.

Summary - A rather disappointing start to a series with characters that I had a hard time connecting with and an ending that seriously spoiled my enjoyment of the plot. In all honesty I'm not sure I will be reading any more of this series.

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