Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review: At His Request by Silvia Rhodes (At His Request #1)

Publisher - Self Published
Genre - Erotic Romance

Source - Kindle Freebie

Rating - 2 out of 5: It was okay

Reviewed by - Chrissie

Book Info - 26 year old submissive Lara, leads a normal but boring life.
Lara's online exploits connect her with a guy by the name of "Narcissio."
What Lara doesn't know is that "Narcissio" is actually Padraig Mannix, a very successful Dom.
A brief encounter with Padraig will leave her confused and interested to venture even further.
Padraig will lay obstacles, but... is Lara willing to clear these obstacles in order to cure her curiosity...and "feed" her needs?

My Thoughts - I got this novella as a free download from Amazon, and I have to admit that I wasn't all that impressed with it. This will only be a short review though as it was only a very short novella.

The first problem that I had with this novella is that there isn't really much to either of the main characters. The reader really doesn't get to know much about Lara other than the fact that she works in a bank and that she enjoys being sexually submissive. And that just wasn't enough for me to get any true feeling of the kind of person that she is, so I ended up having real trouble connecting with her. As the whole story is told from Lara's first person point of view, we don't get to know anything about Padraig other than that which he chooses to reveal to her, and he is obviously a "somebody" and he feels the need to protect himself by not giving too much away. Hence his need for a non-disclosure agreement to be signed before anything can happen between them. Sound familiar, anybody?

Plus it was difficult to really pick up on the connection between the two. Apparently, Lara and Padraig had been communicating for quite some time online before they meet near the beginning of the novella. But the author doesn't really cover this very well and so they end up seeming more like strangers. I really didn't feel much between the two of them. I just feel that if this guy is already her Master (which is what she calls him at several points in the story) there should be some kind of deeper connection there, but there isn't. They barely know each other.

Summary - A story that seems to lack any kind of substance or depth of feeling between the two main characters. I had trouble feeling very much at all for the characters, their story or anything at all really. I don't think I'll be carrying on with this series.


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