Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Looking for some reviewers to join Once Upon a Series

I have been doing some thinking about my blog lately and I've decided that it is time for me to look for 2 or 3 new reviewers who can help out here regularly and take a little bit of pressure off me. With two little ones to look after and being a full time carer for my husband, I just don't get as much time as I would like to spend on blogging. Plus, I would like to have more time to dedicate to my writing. But I love my blog and I don't want to give it up so hopefully getting a couple of other people on board will help.

I am looking for book lovers who possibly do not want the responsibility of running their own blog but would still enjoy reviewing the books that they read and having a platform to discuss those books with others. It would be ideal if you could contribute one book review a week but if you do not feel as though you can review as often as that then please do still get in contact as we may be able to work something out. I do receive some review books and I will pass them out as much as I can, but you may well have to review some of your own books quite often. Hopefully, as Once Upon a Series grows, then the number of review books will also increase. I am willing to have international reviewers, but please bear in mind that I can only afford to send books to reviewers in the UK. If you are international and are interested in joining the team then I am afraid that you will have to review your own books.

We review books that are part of a series and that come from the following genres:
Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance
Romantic Suspense
Young Adult

If you read any or all of these genres and feel that you would like to become a reviewer then please send me an email with an idea of how often you would be able to review and what genres you enjoy reading. I would also appreciate it if you could include a review of a book that you've read recently in the body of the email so that I can see your review style.

Please contact me at:


Jenny said...

Oh boy! I'm too overwhelmed to help you out but I hope you find people to help. I'd hate for you to give up on the blog completely.

Tanya said...

I tried emailing you but it didn't go through. I read all of the genres listed on your blog and will be able to provide minimum of 1 book review per week.

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Jenny - Thanks, I've had a few people interested so it doesn't look as though the blog will be disappearing any time soon :)

Tanya - Have sent you an email :)

Shelagh said...

I hope that some fabulous people came forward to help you out Chrissie!

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