Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review: Another Jekyll, Another Hyde by Daniel and Dina Nayeri (Another #3)

Publisher - Candlewick Press
Publication Date - 27th March 2012
Genre -  YA Paranormal

Source - Received from NetGalley for review

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it

Reviewed by - Ally

Book Info - An elusive stalker is targeting Marlowe kids - and something unearthly has gotten into its wealthiest student - as the Another series builds up to a fiendish finale.

When his billionaire father marries French governess Nicola Vileroy, high society is all abuzz - but Thomas, the most popular student at Marlowe, is just plain high. Ever since his girlfriend Belle dumped him, he's been spending less time with old friends and more time getting wasted at clubs. But after someone slips him a designer drug one night - and his stepmother seems to know way too much about his private life - things really start to get scary. As Thomas's blackouts give way to a sinister voice inside his head, and as news of a vicious hate crime has students on edge, Thomas comes to the sickening realization that Madame Vileroy has involved him in a horrifying supernatural plan. How can he muster the strength and will to stop it? The pulse-quickening climax revisits Jekyll and Hyde as a current-day cautionary tale laced with a heady dose of paranormal intrigue.

My Thoughts - A loose retelling of an All-time favourite classic of mine we see the finale of this series. Again following the same villainous Boogey man versus the good-ish we see the conclusion of a very well loved series.

With a new “person” on the scene it’s safe to say we know why the book is called “Another Jekyll, Another Hyde” This entertaining re-telling feature the evil Nicola Vileroy whom I might just dub my favourite villainess.

I  have been so excited to read Another Jekyll, Another Hyde because with the way Another ended! Well let’s just say lots of breath taking twists. The plots and twists are well *spoiler ALERT* so we’ll brush over that. What I really loved was the duo personalities, the writing style was wow when it switched between Edward and Thomas. This book had a lot of parts which had me too scared to read the next just for the sheer fear of what would happen next (even if I knew *covers face*).

Summary - Sad to see this series end but A must read for ‘Another’ fans (can also be read as a stand-alone). There is not much I can say or sniffle about this wonderful retelling. Thanks Nayeri’s.

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kimba88 said...

Oh this is cool..i take it each book is a different re-telling and not necessarily a series that needs to be read in order. Lovely review!

Jenny said...

This one would be fun to read for a challenge I'm participating in. Where you read a classic and then a retelling of it. Fun!

Ally said...

Yh the series was pretty cool :) Thank you :D

That sounds like an Awesome Challenge!

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