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Review: Always the Designer, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker (Tanglewood #3)

Publisher - Abingdon Press
Publication Date - 1st April 2012
Genre -  Contemporary Romance

Source - Received from NetGalley for review

Rating - 2.5 out of 5: I liked it

Reviewed by - Ally

Book Info - It’s taken Audrey Regan years to establish herself as a wedding dress designer, and to date she’s been roped into creating dresses for nine of her girlfriends. Request #10 follows her vow to “Just say no!” and comes from her very best friend. She can hardly turn Carly down!

Audrey arrives in Atlanta early to perform all of her maid-of-honor duties along with final fittings for a one-of-a-kind dress. But Carly’s wedding is nothing short of an event, complete with Prince Charming, and the festivities make Audrey question whether there’s a prince of her own anywhere in her future.

Enter the groom’s brother and best man. Shaggy-haired, tattooed bad boy J.R. Hunt couldn’t be any more different from Prince Charming if he rode in on a Harley Davidson. Oh, wait. He actually did ride in on a Harley!

My Thoughts - Always the Designer, Never the Bride keeps the laughter going and the tears rolling, funny, romantic and damn well crazy. This book introduced a litany of characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. The third in the series, though I read as a standalone, this book brings to life every girls dream.

The book is set at the The Tanglewood Inn, a wedding destination hotel in historic Roswell, Georgia. The book brings to life Audrey Regan crazy and sad adventure in the world of Haute couture and romance - a wedding dress designer - who finds herself at the Tanglewood Inn, designing a dress for her best friend, Carly.

As Audrey tries NOT to fall for Carly's soon-to-be brother-in-law, J.R. Hunt – the rugged, fun loving, never stay in one place - is the most unlikely candidate for a prince charming. Carly’s Manoeuvres and fate's crazy antics inevitably bring them together.

Always the Designer is a light, "make you laugh" book. You'll find yourself cheering on for the loveable cast at the inn. Although this book was cute I found it dragged on in some parts and I think it needed more editing, the writing was good but It could have been much shorter, I found myself skipping over paragraphs waiting for something to catch my interest. I found the ending to be bit fantastical everything wrapping up a bit too nicely.

This book could have passed-if edited more- as a light hearted romance and would have saved me 2 extra hours of “reading”. This for me outweighed the good in the book, though u do have to say a certain scene with a door and a sister and husband asking loudly “are they kissing, they aren’t talking” will forever hold me in tears.

A solid book (for those who need some time wasting) that sparks my interest for the rest of the series( if I need something to do).

Summary - A cute love story that lead with the classic “he can’t be…no, I can’t be…We can’t be doing this” Definitely a series to read If you’re looking for warm fuzzy romance, and light hearted read.

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Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Great review Ally! I love books that are set around weddings so I might have to check this series out :)

kimba88 said...

Bummer on the editing sounds like a fun read though!

Ally said...

Aww thank you Chrissie! The weeding part was fun :)

Kimba88- I did skip a lot but the story itself was Good!!

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