Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review: Pleasure's Edge by Eve Berlin (Pleasure Dome #1)

Publisher - Black Lace
Publication Date - 3rd January 2013
Paperback - 320 pages
Genre - Erotic Romance

Source - Received from publisher for review

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it.

Book Info - Alec Walker should come with a warning.

A man who lives on the edge, he is famous for his love of dangerous sports, kinky sex and independent women.

Dylan Ivory has come to interview him for her latest book but instead he issues her with a challenge - and the perfect way to do her research.

My Thoughts - As soon as I got this book through the post I knew that I really really wanted to read it. And it didn't disappoint in the slightest.

I fell in love with the characters from the very first page. Dylan is a great character and as the reader learns more about her past and her terrible experiences with her mother, it becomes clear that she is incredibly strong and brave. She has always had to be in control of her own life, and often responsible for others, so when she first meets with Alec to do research for her new erotic novel, she believes that she has dominat tendencies. However, Alec has many years experience as a Dom and he can see her natural submissiveness from the start. This leads to Alec setting her a very interesting challenge - one that she couldn't possibly refuse. I loved reading about the struggle that occurs inside Dylan as she comes to realise that she does have a submissive side and eventually comes to accept that part of herself.

Alec is another character that I enjoyed reading about. He is a very experienced Dom and this dominance is obvious through his every word and action (please excuse me while I fan myself). He also cares deeply for Dylan and takes care of her, which just made me swoon even more. The only thing that I didn't like quite so much is that he is a self-confessed commitment-phobe and the reason that the author gives for this just didn't seem enough for the extent of this fear that he feels. But even so, I still fell a little bit in love with Alec.

What I really liked about this book is how it doesn't just focus on the sexual aspects of BDSM. A lot of the emotional side is explored too through talking about issues such as subspace and subdrop. And the sex in this book is seriously hot, although if I were being picky I would probably say that for a BDSM novel the sex felt pretty "vanilla". It was only the very frequent spankings that gave it a BDSM feel and I even felt that the spankings were over-used a little, to the point where I became a little bored with it. I would have liked a little bit more variety. But this was only a minor gripe I had with the book - it didn't hinder my enjoyment of it at all.

Summary - A great novel that explores the world of BDSM, while giving the reader characters to fall in love with and a very sweet romance. This is a must-read for fans of erotic romance

Other books in the series:
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2. Desire's Edge
3. Temptation's Edge


barklesswagmore said...

Great review. It sounds pretty good despite it being vanilla ;) I didn't realize Black Lace was still putting out new work.

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Thanks... I did enjoy this one a lot :)

Yes, Black Lace have got some great titles being released each month so definitely worth a look :)

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