Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's the start of Paranormal Romance Month! Let's celebrate with a huge giveaway!! (NOW CLOSED)


As February is the month of love, what with Valentine's Day and all, I have decided to dedicate the whole of the month to one of my favourite genres - Paranormal Romance!

I have got a whole host of reviews coming up this month from authors such as:
Gena Showalter
Nalini Singh
Christine Feehan
Michele Hauf
Rosalie Lario
Laura Wright
Lynsay Sands
Kresley Cole
Inara Scott
Phew, that was a long list!

But that is not all, dear readers! I have also got some great guest posts lined up and some amazing giveaways! And I'm so excited about the start of PNR Month today that I am going to kick things off with a MEGA giveaway!

However, due to the EPICNESS of the giveaway and the extortionate price of postage, I'm afraid that this contest is only open to readers in the UK. But don't worry international readers, there will be lots of other contests for you to enter over the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

So, I can hear you all asking what this amazing prize is that I am talking about. I won't make you wait any longer. The very generous people from Mira Books UK have donated two (yes that's two!) entire sets of the Lords of the Underworld series! So that is nine books each for two very lucky readers!

Now for the terms and conditions:
  • All you have to do is use the Rafflecopter form below to enter..
  • As I have already stated, the giveaway is open to people in the UK only.
  • The closing date for this giveaway is 29/02/2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, good luck everybody! And don't forget to come back during the rest of the month for even more giveaways, reviews and guest posts.


Tanya Patrice said...

Aww I'm not in the UK - but this is an awesome giveaway - and I'm looking forward to seeing all the Paranormal Romance recommendations - that's not a genre I read a lot of.

Jenny said...

I'm excited to see all the things you have planned for the month.

Sheesh, isn't it bad enough that I desperately want to live in the UK? And now it's holding me back from a contest? ;)

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Tanya - I hope you see some books pop up over the next month that you would like to try :)

Jenny - Sorry! But there are lots of international giveaways over the next couple of weeks so I'm sure you'll find something else you like the look of ;)

Shelagh said...

So, if an international reader was prepared to pay for the postage should they win, could they (being me) enter??

I LOVE Gena Showalter's Intertwined series and have been meaning to read more of her work.

I still owe you a guest post right? Let me know if you still have space/or would like one. :)

YAY for Feb! This is going to be a great event Chrissie. :)

NoraA said...

I'm not in the UK either, but did you know that Bookdepository ships to the US?

May I humbly suggest that instead of just hitting "ALL" when you send out invites to your party that you check what country the guests are from?

DBookWhore said...

awesome giveaway!!! and I love your blog so cute!!!


DBookWhore said...

aww sad face :( I just realized UK only so don't pick me!! sorry should read it thoroughly

nat said...

Thanks for the giveaway. Ive wanted to read those for ages!!

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Shelagh - If you are prepared to pay postage then I would happily send them to you if you were the winner :)

I'll email you about the guest post - I've always got a space for you :)

Nora - I'm afraid I'm not doing the giveaway through Book Depository. The publishers have sent the books to me already to then forward on to the winners myself :)

Danielle - Sorry :( Just can't afford to send that many books over to the US. LOTS of international giveaways happening soon though :)

Nat - Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! Sorry for the terrible delay in writing the guest blog post for you,I'll contact you nearer my publication date! (for the Sarah Midnight trilogy). What a brilliant giveaway!!!:))

Denise Z said...

Every once in a while I will come across a giveaway opportunity that makes me tingle! Well I got the tingles here! Thank you so much for this incredibly generous and fun giveaway opportunity. I Wants This! :)

Denise Z said...

I have to apologize I filled out this giveaway and enjoyed myself, not realizing it was for UK only. I hope I did not cause a problem and can only say I am sorry :) and thank you for the fun.

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Daniela - Thanks :) I look forward to hearing from you soon about the guest post :)

Denise - Please don't worry! You are not the only person to make that mistake. That's why I put the message at the top of the post - to make it perfectly clear to everybody. But I've got lots of international giveaways coming up over the next couple of weeks so please do come back :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome giveaway :D

Miss Bohemia said...

This is an amazing giveaway :@-)

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