Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Paranormal Romance Month Review: Dark Hunger by Christine Feehan (Carpathians #14)

Publisher - Piatkus
Publication Date - 2nd February 2012
Paperback - 115 pages (this is a novella that is included in Darkest at Dawn)
Genre - Paranormal Romance

Source - Received from publisher for review

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it

Book Info - Juliette is a beautiful activist devoted to the liberation of animals confined in a foul and humid jungle lab. But then she stumbles upon an unexpected prisoner unlike any she's ever seen. Or touched.

Riordan De La Cruz, an immortal Carpathian male, is trapped and caged, his desire for revenge only beginning. She will release him from his bonds. He will release her from her inhibitions. Both have voracious appetites that must be sated.

My Thoughts - I have never read any of the Carpathian series before but these books have been on my wishlist for a long time. So when I received this book for review I was very excited. I was slightly concerned that starting the series at number fourteen would leave me feeling confused, and in a way it did. I would have liked just a little bit more background information about who, or what, the Carpathians actually are. Riordan seemed to have all the characteristics of a vampire but he is a vampire hunter who has a vicious hatred of the species. I couldn't work out if the Carpathians and vampires are related in some way or if they are two completely different species. Because it was a novella I just don't think there was enough time to include as much information as a first-timer to the series would need. But, as this was my only complaint with Dark Hunger, I am definitely hoping to find out more about this in other books from the series.

The chemistry between Riordan and Juliette is evident from page one and I enjoyed reading about the progression of their relationship. Juliette is Riordan's destined lifemate so from the start he knows that he wants to be with her forever. But Juliette is very independent and she tries to ignore the attraction she feels at the start. Riordan is your typical sexy alpha-male who is used to getting exactly what he wants and I loved watching as he learns to be more patient and to put someone elses needs before his own.

As well as the romance aspect there is also a great deal of action when Juliette's sister is in trouble and Riordan and Juliette have to work together to get her back from the men who have captured her, which adds a great deal of excitement to the novella. Overall there is a good balance between giving the characters time to get to know each other, the romance and the action, making it a novella that is incredibly difficult to put down.

Summary - A very enjoyable novella that has definitely whet my appetite for more from this series.

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This book counts towards the following challenges:
Book #9 for 2012 Speculative Romance Reading Challenge
Book #6 for 2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
Book #13 for 2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge


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