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Paranormal Romance Month Review: Ashes of Angels by Michele Hauf (Of Angels and Demons #3)

Publisher - Mills and Boon
Publication Date - 19th August 2011
Paperback - 336 pages
Genre - Paranormal Romance

Source - Purchased

Rating - 3 out of 5: I liked it

Book Info - Cassandra knows her dark destiny. She is a muse, who will one day be sought by a Fallen angel, to be the mother of his nephilim child - a fate that will destroy her.

Samandiriel walks alone amongst his Fallen brethren. He refuses to use mortal females as vessels for his evil offspring. He's determined to protect them. But now he's been summoned to capture a muse, Cassandra, against his will.

Together Sam and Cassandra must fight to keep her alive and to prevent the Fallen from achieving their sinister goals. Cassandra trusts Sam, but he can't trust his own compulsion to mate with her. Can they stop the apocalypse before Sam's desire overtakes him?

My Thoughts - Once again I really enjoyed entering the world created by Michele Hauf. I love how she always keeps the line blurred between good and evil, keeping the reader on their toes.

In this instalment of the series, Sam, the Fallen angel, is not the evil being that he is supposed to be. He has found his Muse, Cassandra, but he has no intention of impregnating her. Instead, he wants to make amends with God and return to Above. So he plans on killing all the Fallen angels and vampires that he comes across. I liked the character of Sam. He is honest and fearless, whilst having an innocence that is endearing. He speaks in a way that is very old-fashioned, making it easy for the reader to believe he has been around for centuries.

I found Cassandra to be a bit confusing at times. She is a likeable enough character but I found her actions to be pretty inconsistent. She is a Muse - a human who is destined to bear the child of an angel. But this is not a destiny that any woman would want. The nephilim that is produced is a monster. A giant who kills the mother shortly after its birth, and then goes on to consume large amounts of human blood and flesh. Unlike the other Muse's  so far in the series, Cassandra actually knows about the existence of angels and demons, and about her destiny. Her grandmother has taught her everything she needs to know about her rather unique situation, and she has grown up thinking that Fallen angels are the ultimate in evil. However, when she catches sight of the gorgeous Sam, she instantly forgets all that and starts throwing herself at him. I just found this to be slightly frustrating considering the fact that in other ways she is so fearless and has a strong sense of doing what is right no matter what the consequences.

The pace of the story moves along nicely and there is a good balance between the action and the romance elements. There is also the introduction of other characters, such as Cassandra's sister, Coco, and her vampire boyfriend, Zane, to add more depth to the story.

Summary - Although this isn't my favourite book of the series, it was still a fun and entertaining read. I love the world that the author has created and I will definitely be reading more of her books in the near future.

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Shelagh said...

It's interesting to see that the author has gone with one of the original concepts for the Nephilim - I approve.

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Yeah, I love that too! The Nephilim in this series are super scary :0

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