Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Paranormal Romance Month Guest Post: Michele Hauf

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Michele Hauf to Once Upon a Series for a guest post. She is the author of the Of Angels and Demons series that I have been reviewing as part of Paranormal Romance Month, as well as many other novels.

Today she is here to tell us about her latest writing adventure, so here she is:

Zombie Love?

Did you all have a great Valentine's Day? Spend it with someone you care about? It's a time of year that romance authors are expected to shine, and you wouldn't believe how many calls I get from local reporters who want my point of view on romance for articles they are writing. Love is great. Love makes the world go round.

But what about zombie love?

Heh. Did that one take you aback? Zombies can't love. Can they? Well, I recently had opportunity to find out if that is possible when I was invited to write a super short story for an anthology Harlequin is giving away this month. They invited six different authors, gave them each the same opening paragraphs, and let us go our own way. Why zombies? Why not! I figured it would be fun to try with the shorter format. And you know? I had a lot of fun creating a really twisted adventure/romp/horror/love story. Hee. And yes, I do believe zombies can find love too.

The anthology is SIX DEGREES OF ROMANCE, and you can download it for free at Amazon, B&, or Harlequin. Or if you just want to read my story, you can right at my website.

So, in the realm of paranormal romances, what pairings between hero and heroine have you found to be a little wacky, maybe extreme?

Oh, good question, and I look forward to seeing which couples get picked!

If you would like to find out more about Michele, you can find her online at:


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