Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Review: Angel's Desire by Rosalie Lario (Fallen Warriors #2)

Publisher - Self-published
Page Count - 115 pages
Genre - Paranormal Romance

Source - Received from author for review

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it.

Book Info - In a world where angels rule over humans, twelve outcasts dare to defy expectation, warring with their angel brethren to prevent the extinction of humankind.

They are The Fallen.

Fallen angel Ethan has been outcast due to his love of humankind. In order to preserve his immortality, he must find a mate with angel blood…but the one woman he desires blames him for her father’s death. As a teenager, Tayla had a fierce crush on Ethan, her angel father’s best friend. She was humiliated when he rejected her, claiming she was too young for him. Her love turned to hate when he failed to save her father from being killed by the other angels.

Battle looms on the horizon, and Ethan can no longer afford to waste time. He must claim Tayla as his…but convincing her she’s his mate won’t be so easy.

My Thoughts - As you may have noticed, I have become a bit of a fan of Ms. Lario's work over the last couple of months and I'm glad to say that I wasn't at all disappointed in this latest installment in the Fallen Warriors series.

Once again the author has created a world so vivid that you feel as though you are standing there with the characters. I really liked Ethan - he is a strong and loyal character that you can't help but fall in love with. Tayla was ok but she did have a few little quirks that I found to be a bit irritating. The main one is her inability to let go of the past. I know that Ethan hurt her but he is doing all he can to make it up to her and prove to her how he feels, and all she can do is throw their history together back in his face. Tayla is very strong and independent, perhaps a bit too much so, and I found myself really wishing that she would learn to trust Ethan.

My main complaint about the first novella in this series was that the whole thing was so focused on the two main characters that the plotline suffered. However, Ms Lario has resolved this issue in Angel's Desire. There is a much better balance between romance, plot and action, and for me the story flowed much better because of it. Once I started reading this book I just couldn't put it down.

Summary - Another great read from Rosalie Lario! She is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and if you haven't read anything by her then I highly recommend that you do so soon. I am eagerly awaiting the third book in the series as I can't wait to find out what lies ahead for this group of very sexy fallen angels.

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kimba88 said...

This looks really good..thanks for sharing. I am a new follower..i found you on twitter through kindlefever.
Please stop by and enter my giveaway. I blog about all genres..but love paranormal and urban fantasy. Check out my review of Kiss of Midnight and Dearly, Departed :)

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Thanks for stopping by Kimba. I'm now a follower over at your blog :)

If you like paranormal romance then I would definitely recommend the Fallen Warriors series - two quick and very sexy reads :)

Shelagh said...

Oooh-la-la *fans herself* That is one sexy looking angel Chrissie.

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system...This looks like a fun paranormal series and it's got angels in it, so you know I'm interested!

Thanks for pointing it out and great review.

The Word Fiend

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

LOL, I know how much you love yourself an angel Shelagh!

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