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Review: Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead (Georgina Kincaid #4)

Publisher - Bantam Books
Publication Date - 4th June 2009
Paperback - 512 pages
Genre - Urban Fantasy

Source - Library

Rating - 4 out of 5: I really liked it

Book Info - Georgina Kincaid has been a bad, bad succubus… which should be a good thing. But lately, thanks to her foul mood over breaking up with bestselling writer Seth Mortensen, she’s been so wicked that Seattle’s uber-demon Jerome, decides to “outsource” Georgina to a rival – and have her spy for him in the process.

Being exiled to the frozen north – okay, Vancouver – and leaving Seth in the cozy clutches of his new girlfriend is unpleasant enough. Then Jerome is kidnapped, and all immortals under his control mysteriously lose their powers. One bright spot: with her life-sucking ability gone, there’s nothing to keep Georgina from getting down and dirty with Seth – nothing apart from his girlfriend that is. Now, as the supernatural population starts turning on itself, a newly mortal Georgina must rescue her boss and figure out who’s been playing them – or all hell will break loose…

My Thoughts - You really can’t help but feel for Georgina when reading Succubus Heat. She is devastated by her break-up with Seth so she tries to cover it up by being angry with everybody and embarking on a fling with dark and dangerous Dante. I wasn’t keen on the angry Georgina at the beginning of this book but luckily she becomes more and more like the Georgina I know and love as the story progresses.

Seth comes across as pretty unlikeable I’m afraid. He is currently dating Georgina’s friend, Maddie, which in itself is a horrible thing to do, but he then goes backwards and forwards between the two women when Georgina loses her powers. This makes the reader sympathise with Maggie as she is a nice girl who trusts both Georgina and Seth, who probably never would have got together with Seth had she known about their past relationship.

The mystery element of the book was once again brilliant. Richelle Mead always throws lots of red herrings at the reader so that we are kept guessing right up until the end who the perpetrator is. I am also very intrigued by the visions that Georgina had in Succubus Dreams. They are mentioned several times in Succubus Heat and I can’t wait to find out if it will come true and, if it does, who the man in the vision is.

Summary - All in all I absolutely loved this book. The Georgina Kincaid series is easily one of my favourites and I really can’t recommend them enough to anybody who has not yet read any of these books.

Other books in the series:
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2. Succubus Nights
3. Succubus Dreams
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